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Don't Get Ripped Off!!

In 1990 two employee's of a National Drain Cleaning Company located in Charlotte found they where unhappy with the way things where being done, per the orders of the Corporate office. One of the main problems was with the way customers where being charged. Each service man would get a commission on each job, the more money he charged the more money he would make. In a perfect world that is a good plan, however when the service man decides it is easier and more cost effective for him to add unnecessary services to the job he currently. This saves him travel time and idle time (waiting for his next job). How does he make the job worth more? He exaggerates the problems found and expands the job in to a much more costly project. Why would he be tempted to do that, overcharge the customer for work not needed? Well aside from not getting as much commission out of the job, he also had to pay for his own gas, truck, insurance, phone, and a liability insurance charged to him for each job! When Rapid-Rooter Plumbing Service opened they eliminated all of that, the plumbers where paid by the hour depending on their ability, experience and performance. The trucks, gas, radios and insurance are all covered by the company. We feel this is the best way to keep our men honest and our customers taken care of, instead of taken advantage of.

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